Moments define us, or we define moments. On a personal level, living life is a continual melange of movements, sensations, thoughts, emotions, communications, and memories. Millions of synapses fire millisecond by millisecond within our brains; electrical impulses fire through thousands of nerves, muscles move throughout our bodies, different parts of our brains are activated by the environment around us constantly. As Jose Ortega y Gasset said, “We cannot put off living until we are ready. The most salient characteristic of life is its coerciveness: it is always urgent, ‘here and now,’ without any possible postponement. Life is fired at us point-blank.” But, on a communal level, we are part of that same environment that we are responding to as well. The environment is also responding to us. Watch a dog react to you when you whistle, or splash the ocean and watch a group of small fish scatter from the splash. Remember dancing with someone on the dance floor? Your partner moves when you move. But it is not just a series of reactions that makes that all happen. It feels like something is flowing within you to your partner- like an unspoken artistry that flows through you to your partner and everyone else on the dance floor. Have you ever witnessed a murmuration of starlings? It is like some magical string is pulling each bird to move and shift and change in flow at the same time… and it is stunning to be witness to it.

Healing and health can be that same kind of drama. There are moments when our minds and our bodies can instantaneously recognize deeper and unrealized capacities for growth, development, healing and artistry that we never could have imagined. I wonder if a caterpillar has any idea that it will become a butterfly as it is forming the chrysalis. Or maybe it is a body intelligence that takes over and activates the “imago” cells which transform the caterpillar into a transformational soup, then forms into a butterfly, which will break out of its chrysalis and fly.

These are just a few things I wanted to share about regarding my own healing process from multiple sclerosis to becoming a healthy athlete, drug free and symptom free. I believe that there are new habits, new ideas, new activities and different foods that, when taken on with a deep commitment for healing, can transform one’s life and environment.

My website is a place where you can read my story, experience new activities, new habits and new foods, that can ignite and activate your own “imago” cells to a new future and overcome whatever obstacles one is dealing with in your own life.